The Unrepentant


While the pacifist priests of most religions make due with the limited freedom granted them by the invaders, other less compliant holy men and women feel charged with holy righteousness and use their faith to actively work against the Hand. These militant priests and priestesses are popularly known as the Unrepentant. Operating outside of the authority of organized temples, the Unrepentant work in collaboration with the Old Orders, various rebel groups, and anyone else who strives to overthrow the invaders. They see themselves as the holy guardians of humanity, acting under divine orders to restore the human race to its position of power in the mortal world.


The Unrepentant are not a single group under a unified leadership, but rather a scattered collection of warrior priests and priestesses of various denominations who work alone or in concert with other groups to undermine the Hand. That being said, there are certain of these holy warriors who operate in an organized fashion, usually comprising the inner circle of clergy of a particular god or goddess. These secretive organizations are almost cult-like in their devotion and function as distinct and formidable units in the ongoing struggle against their oppressors.

The Unrepentant

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